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Innovative Tasks:




We provide an innovative approach for projects on latest technology by providing hands on training for students of BE/ B-Tech/ ME/ M-Tech/ Diploma/ MCA and others in all the branches. The project training aims to provide an opportunity for students to apply their scientific knowledge in the real world’s project application can be Embedded based, web based, mechanical based and more.

Over 2,220 projects are completed successfully for B.E / M.E / Diploma / MCA / B.Sc.


Innovative Tasks is versatile in training platform for students on various upcoming technologies, we provide Online guidance & Troubleshooting for various projects and sophisticated technology in Electronics/ Electrical / IT sector.


Softpro Group is well known for providing In-house Internship successfully for the past 12 years, entertaining and promoting the students with knowledge and skills, to cope up with challenging IT and Engineering world.

Innovative Tasks is equipped with the latest technology lab, consisting highly skilled professionals. The students are provided with  tools and components to facilitate the students during the project and training sessions.


Here students and trainers get together in bringing out solutions to the problems on project development with discussion and practice. Here we develop solutions with appropriate explanation and demonstration over the problem and its significance.


We have the India’s largest variety of electronic project domains including IOT, Sensor based electronics, power electronics, mechatronics, GSM/GPS, Wireless communication and more. Browse through our list of latest electronics projects ideas for your final years We provide this free list of varied electronics project ideas. These are microcontroller as well as non microcontroller based projects for electronics engineering students.





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